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Key Details:

  • Award Amount: Up to $300,000 USD
  • Period of Performance: Up to 2 years 
  • Expression of Interest Deadline: May 3, 2024 (11:59pm PT)
  • Proposal Submission Deadline: June 2, 2024 (11:59pm PT)
  • Award Decision: Late July 2024


Track 1: Methane Sink Assessment

How can we improve understanding of processes controlling methane sinks, and the impact on atmospheric methane concentrations now and in the future, in a way that supports exploration of potential approaches to increase oxidation of atmospheric concentration methane?

Track 2: Enabling Research Tools

How can we build better sensors and tools to accelerate research towards advancing understanding of oxidation of atmospheric concentration methane?

Track 3: Exploring Potential Approaches to Address Atmospheric Methane

Are there potentially viable atmospheric methane removal approaches, for example employing methanotrophy enhancement, atmospheric oxidation enhancement, or catalytic reactors and surfaces, that could be safe, cost-effective, scalable, and net climate-beneficial?

Collaborator Guidelines

After completing the eligibility form, applicants have the option to add collaborators by clicking the ‘Manage Collaborators’ option in the top right corner of the form. Collaborators may include co-PIs, additional research team members, and/or administrative staff. Any invited collaborator will have the ability to edit the proposal form and will receive updates about the proposal status during the evaluation process.